Post Processing Line

The post-prcessing line takes care of the XPS tongue; the material is processed to obtain perfectly shaped boards.

Puller and Roughing stations

Puller is available in standard configuration with rollers or with our Innovative vacuum technology that reduces compression on the tongue. Roughing station allows to mill up to 200 mm in width.

Flying knife

Single blade flying knife, powered by linear motors. The cart is made of alluminium to be as light as possible; it carries a V shaped blade that can cut in both directions.


Available in many configurations on customer request. Used not only for cooling but also to reverse the line direction or to compensate height differences.

Planer and Groover

We offer an all-in-one solution to fine adjust board’s thickness. The parameters of the machine are automatically adjusted according to production requests.
Planer and Groover


DDL solution to weld boards with heat.

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Longitudinal side milling

High friction belts and vacuum guarantee perfect squared boards and surface finish. Special milling tools allow to profile flat edges, step rebate or special profile on customer request.

End trim and stacker

This is an all-in-one station to mill, cut (if required) and stack boards that are ready for the packaging line. Special milling tools allow to profile flat edges, step rebate or tongue, even when cutting boards in half.

XPS End-of-line

The best tailor-made solutions for XPS palletizing and packaging.

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