DDL srl can offer a solid 40 years experience in machines and plants for EPS to their customers.

DDL srl designs, manufactures and installs plants and machines for producing, processing EPS. The designers have 40 years of experience in this field. The constant research allows us to satisfy the different needs of our customers.


Purpose of the batch Pre-expander is to expand a prefixed quantity of raw material to obtain beads of expanded EPS having the programmed average density.

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Our cutting lines are strong and precise and suitable to cut the EPS blocks into sheets. All the machine adjustments are digital and automatically recalled according to the recipe.

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Numerical control shape cutting machines are precise and reliable in order to satisfy the different needs. The use special materials and reduced backlash permit to achieve a considerable precision in positioning the wire frame and the block.

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Grinding unit with knives have double shaft and each one is equipped with a three-phase motor. The mixing units are composed of two silos and two sector valves. Dedusting unit dedust polystyrene granulates ground by the grinder.

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